Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Things You Should Do Right Now--veinglory

Give me some ideas for relatively easy free online ways to promote an ebook. Because I need to come up with 31 things to do to push The Sculptor's Muse in May. (Did that count as one?)

Go and vote on the 2007 cover awards. Frankly some of the nominees scare me a bit--does that dude have pants on?

And I have pretty much nothing for the 1st of the month PLIST update. What am I missing?


Kerry said...

Join goodreads as a published author, add your book, then recommend it to some of your goodreads friends?

azteclady said...

Get some invites to guest blog somewhere, and mention the release?

*hint nudge wink*

Send excerpts to readers' blogs?

*further hint nudge wink*

veinglory said...

Hi azteclady, do you mean for GB&U or somewhere else? I have been so bad at promo I may need more clues. I am ready, willing and able to guest post for anyone willing about I might conceivably know about. I will also tell jokes, juggle plates etc as required. :)

azteclady said...
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azteclady said...

TGTBTU is one. Perhaps Karen's
Super Librarian Wendy might be another
bam/Dionne Galace's
There's a bunch others:
Nose in a book;
sula's space;
Kristie(J)'s "Ramblings on Romance";
The Book Binge;
RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk;
Danette's Chatting Lounge;
Jennifer's Random Musings

I'm leaving a few out, I know, but those are some you may want to hit with an offer for an interview, perhaps a giveaway copy (either of the book or another in your backlist) for one commenter; perhaps a few guest posts with tips on epublishing or writing, etc.

Think about other epubbed authors' blogs too--Bettie Sharpe, Shiloh Walker, Ann Bruce, Sarah McCarthy, Shelby Reed, Sela Carsen.

I dunno. Jest spouting off here.

Jules Jones said...

I will admire your efforts, and be utterly useless with suggestions...

I'm too damned boring to be good with the interview stuff, so I'm in no position to offer advice on that.