Friday, April 11, 2008

Wiggly Graph, Redux--veinglory


The sales figure chart has been pretty stable for a while now. Currently it is:

First month: 181 copies
First year: 335 copies
Total to date: 415 copies
Total to date (after at least one year): 531 copies.

The leveling out is partly because the data set is getting larger and so new additions have less of an effect on the average. But I also think that increased demand is being matched by increased supply, so the performance of the "average" book has been fairly stable over the last six months or so. The major differences are seen in the relative performance of different presses.

While I am always interested in receiving anonymous sales data from authors (veinglory at I am going to start identifying a 'publisher of interest' that I am particularly interested in adding to the data set. My current publisher of interest, although I hesitate to lift the Tupperware lid on that particular can of worms, is Dark Castle Lords.


Kathleen Oxley said...

Is the population for this graph anonymous sales data from erotica authors?

veinglory said...

That's the idea. The data set is153 currently available erotic romance ebooks.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this is with the EC numbers removed so as not to bork the curve?

veinglory said...

No this one is inclusive of all the books I have data for, regardless of publisher. So I suppose it is 'average' only to the extent you assume I have a reasonably representative sample.

Anonymous said...

Grr. Second try at posting. OK. I used to understand graphs. I'm missing info here -- perhaps it's cut off somewhere? What do the different colored lines mean?


veinglory said...

Blogger isn't letting my upload pictures right now so this one is hosted and a funny size... the key is over to the right. The red is total sales for books out at least a year, blue us total sales for all the books, green is sales in the first year and black is sales in the first month.