Friday, May 30, 2008

E-Publishing News and Views--veinglory

"Penguin has reported that e-book sales from the first four months of 2008 have surpassed the house's total e-book sales for all of last year. According to the publisher, the spike is "more than five times the overall growth in sales, year-on-year, through April 2008." Penguin Group CEO David Shanks said he attributed the jump, in large part, to the growing popularity of e-book readers." [read more at Publisher's Weekly]

"Simon & Schuster is the first big US publisher to publicly state its commitment to's Kindle e-book device. The publisher has used the exposure provided by Book Expo America to announce that it is to make 5,000 additional titles available through Amazon, more than doubling the number of its books available on the e-reader." [read more at]

"The following items are lifesavers in ANY business, but in the romance book industry, being savvy about how you run your ePublishing business brings you respect. And let's face it, ePublishing, particularly in the romance genre, is still struggling for respect. So here's advice from someone trained in Public Relations."
[read more at Monica Burns]

"Separately, Thomas at Truth Is Still Truth describes the top 11 features he wants to see in a Bible. Quality construction, sewn bindings, three ribbons, wide margins—you name it, he mentions it. He also talks about a five-column parallel Bible, with a column for notes, two for the original languages, one for English, and one for cross-references. Thomas rightly notes that such Bible would be a “behemoth.” But a future Amazon Kindle or similar device could conceivably give you all those features without the physical heft."
[read more at Blible blog]

"Another sign of the success of e-books, though, is not such a happy one: the huge glut of poorly written, scammy, second- and third-rate e-books that has suddenly started flooding the market. As with music and video, the Internet has made publishing and distributing books easy and next to free, and it can be hard to find anything worth reading." [read more at Lifehack]

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