Saturday, May 31, 2008

First line contest winners--veinglory

1st Place: "Aneirin saved my life the day I met him, and saved it twice again before he finally killed me."

Winner of a $20 gift certificate to any online bookstore.

There was a tie for 2nd Place between:

"Anyone who ever thought snow was soft and silent had never trudged through the bowels of Northern Canada in the middle of the night in mid-December with a thirty-pound pack strapped to his back and a hundred-pound thief complaining at his side."


"Gerry composed Latin jazz tunes in his head every time he and Javier made love."

Who will receive $10 each. Due to the small amount this can be taken as a gift certificate or direct paypal payment.

I would encourage all of the winners to send me an email to say which store they want the gift certificate for, and which email to send it to. I would also appreciate a brief paragraph about how you arrived at that first line, and if the work is published please send a cover art and link to go with it.


Unknown said...

YES PLEASE! If they're published, I want to read them! Well, even if they're not published I want to read them, but the likelihood of that happening decreases greatly.

Ashley said...

Yea, I definitely want to know more about these stories.

K J Gillenwater said...

Can I find out the one about meeting in the meat locker? I think I was the only one who voted for that first line. I am curious to find out more about that book!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know about the meat locker, too. I didn't vote for it but it did make me laugh, so I'd like to read it if it's published.

Celia Kyle said...

Oooh! The meat locker was me. :D It's from Yeti! Were? available at Changeling Press:

You can also read a couple of excerpts on my site if you want to check out Yosi & Sela a bit more before you buy...

Nica Berry said...

The Gerry and Javier one was mine, called "Jazzy Little Christmas" from Loose Id, over here.