Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Bad--veinglory

So, way back on January 16th that I was notified that Lachesis Publishing would be opening an erotic romance imprint Sinful Moments this September, and I was considerately provided with exact wording to use in updating the PLIST on this matter. The email ended: "The Sinful Moments Press website will be operational within the next 48 hours." Due to one thing or another I didn't go to visit the site until now. To begin with there was a problem because the link was bad. But I gather the site is meant to be here? An actual site (with content) is nowhere to be found, not even in the cache or via the Wayback Machine. All online announcements seem to date back to January, or be claims of editorial or ownership status of this nascent press. Technorati yields no author squeeage (squees of acceptance, that is). I am left wondering whether they thought better of it? Or is the delay in creating the website just to ensure there actually is a cart, before they commence with any further whipping of the horses?

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