Sunday, May 18, 2008

Serve Cold--veinglory

The first few blog posts I come across today are: 1) Dear Author is looking at how Theo Black is dissing authors who are ex-clients of his web design business, and 2) Karen Scott is highlighting an author making the always-a-mistake threat of legal action over online commentary.

The take home message really is: rant online if you want to (I know I do) but do it after you cool down a little and with an eye to the effect it might have on your credibility and bottom line. And if you really, really must have some revenge my advice is to wait, and be ready to wait a good long time. If karma is on your side, fate will delivery them into your hands one day. (i.e. if I am out to get you, you so will not see it coming).

Um. Not that I am.

Out to get anyone

that is.

[innocent expression]

1 comment:

Miss Mae said...

Yes, it's always better not to take revenge. Never works out. Seems the law of Murphy is always on YOUR side in a case like that...LOL..