Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sexy Resin--veinglory

Pin up style erotica is often a wonderful example of how something can be sexy without being tawdry. Model examples include resin statues that are bought in kits just like a model plane or car, and assembled and painted by the buyer. Azimuth provides a range of very muscular girls in various poses including the bride pictured.

There are also jointed resin dolls and the question of how sexy is too sexy is found even here. Resin figures of all styles can be found from stormtroopers in bikinis, and ultra curvy gals to elfin pretty boys.

It says a lot about the mixed nature of statuary that sexy manacled fairy and a virgin mary can appear on the same page. Of course in the past erotic statues were made of porcelain, stone and precious metals and there are also modern examples including Andy Rae's intimate bronzes [adult link].

The only statuary I have is a tiny rather primitively cast bronze Pan. I like some of the yaoi style dolls and would be happy to have them by not when they cost more than an iPhone.


Katrina Strauss said...

The whole subculture that's risen around Asian BJD's is a phenomenon unto itself. I'm setting aside a percentage of my royalties to put together a BJD of one of my yaoi characters. Yes, it will cost me a pretty penny to put together the one I want, but I'm willing to allocate the funds.

veinglory said...

Which sort/vendor were you thinking of? I like them to but all my royalties go stright to the dentist at the moment. And I would want to know I had one that was worth the $ with a good artist.

Katrina Strauss said...

My royalties have been going to the dentist and kids. LOL So even in this respect I'm bargain shopping, though I'm not going too cheap as there are plastic knock-offs that have recently been on the rise. I'm getting the 44cm Dollzone "Fei Boy" body, with the "faceup" as it's called when you pay extra for the airbrushed makeup, from The Junky Spot at

I'm shopping around for the wig, replacement eyes (yes you can change the eyes which is both neat and gruesome at once...), clothes and accessories at various sites including eBay vendors. Two that look promising with good pricing and variety for the size I'm getting are Korean vendors and

Of course I'm new to this so I'm sure experienced BJD owners would recommend other sites. Though I'm looking at spending around $400 to $500 to get started, which is inexpensive compared to some of the custom dolls I've seen. (Not to mention these girls who are building a collection of 20 plus!)

If you want to see some really pretty custom-made BJD's -- though at a price that will make you spew your coffee at your monitor -- check out these lovelies at: