Thursday, May 22, 2008

Smoke: Renaissance E-books--veinglory

Via Absolute Write, two author complaints about Renaissance E-books. I would add that I have read one of their books, and it was not well edited.

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Anonymous said...

Not well-edited? Try not edited at all. My one book with them was released without ever going through the editing process.

I'm not going to elaborate on what I had to go through on the subject of cover art. I have a detailed explanation (names not included) on my webpage (

This little unprofessional voice in me wanted to rub it in a bit when Dead to the World won the 2007 Ariana for Best GLBT cover art--this was the title and cover art that prompted me to pull the mss from said publisher and offer it to Phaze.

I didn't say anything because it just wouldn't have been right.

I do get regular royalty checks, but never any statement. I never know how many books were sold.