Wednesday, May 21, 2008

XO Laptop/Reader--veinglory

Even as an ebook-reader sceptic I am encouraged in by the willingness of different agencies with different goals to try and make a more functional device. A great example is the new low cost XO laptop intended for children from developing nations. This its double screen design and touch-screen keyboard option this thing really does begin to look like a book--whilst also functioning as a laptop--and costing about $75. I wonder how a first world adult could get hold of one of these?

OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte is quoted as saying: "Over the last couple of years we've learned the book experience is key."

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Anne D said...

I blogged about this also, yesterday. Just to think thye are proposing, not just a book reader for $75, but a fully functioning computer... Sort of blows Sony and Amazon right out of the water

Anonymous said...

I've heard of these as well and soooooooooo want one. Now I just have ot figure out how to get one here in the US (for the same price!)

Neat site by the way, I just found you folks last week.

Jules Jones said...

I'd need to do some digging to see what happened, but the plan a year ago was to make them available in the first world on the basis that you could get one for around double the price -- i.e. your purchase includes one for a third world child. It would probably end up at about $200-$250 retail in the US. Even at that price it would be a useful device.

I saw one of the early models last year (someone at Baycon had one), and was both impressed and unimpressed. The idea and execution were good, but even as a child-sized laptop it was still too bulky to be used the way I'd be inclined to use it (essentially as a palmtop for out and about rather than my main machine), and I find the screen uncomfortable to use. But I'd certainly be interested in looking at the XO2 if they do the same "you can buy one for yourself if you buy one for a child" deal they were talking about for the XO1.

(Oh, and blogger still hates me and won't let me log in to make an actual post rather than comment on someone else's.)

veinglory said...

I have begun to hear more and more comments that Negroponte is better at impressive sounding ideas than useful devices. Oh, well. Something may still manage to come of it, I hope.