Friday, May 16, 2008

YouTube Strikes Again--veinglory

Not being an American I have no way why to judge how this might be widely perceived over here. The whole idea of the God Bless America tribute or whatever-it-was from the Romantic Times con falls into my 'does not compute' area. But I will admit it was less raunchy (and less, um, anything) then I might have imagined. Anyway, the recording isn't wonderful, but here it is. I think? Is this the 9/11 tribute whatsit everyone has been talking about?

Here is another version courtesy of Mrs G

p.s. Mrs Giggles blogging about Anne Somerville talking about reviewing Torquere books, with some guest snark from Josh Lanyon.


ObsidianBlade31 said...

It wasn't too bad,I think it was what happened later that night that just added to what people already considered a bit tasteless.

Anonymous said...

The guy draped in the flag (thank goodness they had the grace to properly fold it afterward) turned my stomach. However it seems more as one company cloaking themselves in patriotism for the sake of sales. Ick.

Of course the amateurish whole production could have had something to do with it too.

Makes me glad I stayed home.