Friday, June 20, 2008

Back Up, Now!--veinglory

Now, I didn't have a terrible deletion incident, although I've had a few in the past. I did realise that the sales tracker data exists as a single file on my laptop. The same laptop I never got a case for, cart everywhere, cart through airports and leave in hotels. So I stuck it in my gmail account as a back up. I know nothing online is 100% secure but I don't store any names in it anyway.

A lot of my stuff used to get put on discs that now are completely unreadable. Bugger. If anyone has other back up tips please share them. Online, Google docs, flash drive?

Meanwhile I have been dropping lapsed data from the sales tracker and now both Wild Rose and Freya's Bower are below the reportable level. So, if you don't remember updating your data within the last year, now would be a good time :)

I have just updated the first month sales data, showing Samhain moving into second place after Ellora's Cave.

[updated June 20, 2008]
Ellora's Cave--728 copies (24 books)
Samhain--229 copies (18 books)
Loose Id--205 copies (43 books)
Amber Quill--203 copies (9 books)
Liquid Silver--138 copies (10 books)
Torquere--122 copies (10 books)
Cobblestone--71 copies (31 books)
Freya's Bower--[insufficient data]
Wild Rose--[insufficient data]


Angela James said...

I use Carbonite, which really works for me because it runs in the background and I don't have to remember to do anything. And when I reformatted my computer, I was able to put everything back on using Carbonite. I can send you a referral :P

Anonymous said...

I back up by 1. emailing things to myself, 2. backing up folders and individual files on my flash drive, 3. emailing copies of WIP's and such to my co-author and my CP, 4. Google docs, and finally 5. a passworded folder on my website server.

I don't do all of those for everything, but enough that I feel confident if something tragic were to happen I'd have a copy of the file somewhere retrievable.

Anonymous said...

I try to back up any files changed during the day to a flash drive. All my current files are burned onto CDs (NOT the rewritable ones) once a week, and once a month I copy all the data on both my main computer and my laptop to a removable 500GB Western Digital external hard drive.

One word of advice for backup (from a former IT person): be sure to have at least one backup that ISN'T stored in the same place your computers and equipment are.

veinglory said...

My current main method is to have an email in the drafts folder titles with the website or publisher the file relates to and attach it there. I need to get some flash drives as well.

Anonymous said...

I primarily use OneCare by MS, which is an anti-virus/anti-spyware/do-it-all type of program. it comes with my internet service and I love it. It backs up to an external drive according to a schedule you set and is set up to completely restore if you crash. I have a 250GB Western Digital drive and it's about the size of my palm. Very cool, and very easy to use.

I also use Windows Live SkyDrive, which gives you 5GB of free space. You can keep files private or share them.

Another service I use is MS OfficeLive, which directly installs a plug-in to your MS Word program. You can save directly to your server from Word and retrieve documents as well. It's really cool and allows for a lot of document sharing, especially if you're collaborating on writing projects or using betas, etc. They say you can store around 1000 large documents on it.

Anne D said...

Sigh - considering I've just spent the last 16 hrs or so trying to get my website up and running again, I can agree with this. I've not lost anything dramatic, but I really do need to make sure I download my website data more often. I do it with my laptop data so why don't I ever remember to do the same with the website? grrr

I'll have to look up the carbine and the ms office live (or a mac equivalent at least)