Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Breaking up (with Amazon) is hard to do--veinglory

It seems like every week or so someone seems to think they invented the idea of boycotting Right now it's Allison Randal. Who? Apparently someone worth commenting on if you are galleycat, Andrew Savikas, Brian Morearty and Paul Jessup. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but seriously. Even boycotting Amazon specifically over the POD thing is hardly an idea that was new and interesting on May21st.

See also this post about the trouble with giving up your affiliate links. The thing is I'm boycotting giving them my money, not taking theirs. Call it enlightened self-interest or call it hypocrisy, it's my line and that's where I draw it. I mean, what next, not submitting to publishers who sell through Amazon?

So, for those of you not buying from Amazon, how is it going? Pain in the ass, right? sucks. There are other online book stores but they won't also sell you a bicycle, diamond earrings and pesto. Still, we do what we must. I haven't cracked yet.


azteclady said...

How's it going?

See me cry... and sweat... and shiver...


Jules Jones said...

I gave in and bought the boxed set of New Who series 3 from the Evil Empire, because they tempted me with half price. But I've been mostly ordering from, who have actually been better value for a number of recent orders anyway.

I didn't have any choice about using Amazon buy links on this morning's book review, though, because I couldn't find anyone else who was selling the book in question -- including the publisher, because they are currently in flux after going bankrupt and being bought out by some larger firm, and the website is down right now even if they are technically still in business.

Anonymous said...

It's going very well actually. :) I'm a Books-A-Million and Borders girl. It's a 10 minute bus ride from my house to a shopping center downtown with a Borders, many options for food and a post office (for sending out stories).

Plus tomorrow I'm headed to the Friends of the Library used books sale. Hardbacks are $2, paper backs are 2 for $1. I never would have known about it if I hadn't been going downtown more often and seen a banner.

As for that other stuff, that's what and are for :D