Thursday, June 26, 2008

The NCP 26

I honestly don't know on what basis all of these authors were released by NCP. But if you are in the market for some reading you might want to take a look at some of their websites, and some of their books available elsewhere. Just a suggestion :) I don't have links for them all yet and am not 100% sure some of the links are right but I will tidy this up as I go. If you know a link for one of them feel free to drop it on me via a comment. Just spreading some author love. If we can get a good, accurately-linked list, even if it doesn't sell books it might give their Google pagerank a little pick-me-up.

Jan Springer
Ellen Ashe
Tracey Ranson
Louise Crawford
Tawny Stokes
Ellen Fisher
Kelly Caddell
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Karin Huxman
Barri Bryan
Anita Moore
Michelle M. Pillow
Sydney Somers
Ciarra Sims
Fiona Neal
Autumn Dawn
Shirley Martin
Ashley Ladd
Eden Robins
Shelley Munro
Joy Nash
Angelica Hart
Cynthia Barry
Penelope Marzec
Heide Katros


Mary Ellen Ashman said...

Wow- 26 of us huh? I wonder if all were anxious to be rid of NCP. None more so than me that's for damn sure!
Thanks for the mention.
My website is
All my book info is on my blog as well! Please drop by!

Ellen said...

Wow, I feel so notorious! *laughs*

I wanted to point out that strictly speaking, all these authors haven't been released. Our books are simply being released as the contracts expire (possibly with some exceptions). Two of my books were listed, but I still have seven to go.

Penelope Marzec said...

Irons In The Fire was at NCP for six years. I still have four books there--although one is currently on the "Last Chance" page. I will soon be getting the rights back to that one, too.

Anonymous said...

The irresponsibility of a publisher publicly posting author's real names is horrendous.

What NCP has done adds yet another stain to the already soiled reputation of small presses. What hope is there for fledgling publishers when formerly respected veteran houses act so callously?

It's shameful and appalling.

kirsten saell said...

It wasn't hard for them to be successful and respected when there were only two or three epublishers out there. Now that competition is more fierce, they're sinking, and not going down peacefully. It's only taking so long, I suspect, because they were so deeply entrenched in the industry. But I truly believe these are the death throes of a beast that was probably sick from birth.

Small presses are in a tough spot already without this crap going on. One can only hope that readers and authors are intelligent enough to realize that NCP does not exemplify all the small presses and epublishers out there.