Friday, June 27, 2008

NCP cont.

Finding themselves in a deep hole the PTB at New Concepts Publishing proceed to try and dig their way out

"Notice of Breach of Contract and Intention to Resolve
In as much as author ... Sydney Somers has refused to honor her obligations to this company regarding completion of her novels Howl for Me and One Dark Knight. And, in as much as New Concepts Publishing has invested money in art, editing, and promotion of these two books as well as other considerations and Ms. Shalon Stewart having been informed of this circumstance has stated the intention of not completing the projects, New Concepts Publishing has taken such steps as they deem appropriate to resolve this situation.

[sarcasm]Well, that clears that up then.[/sarcasm]

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Anonymous said...

I was see the use of real and pen names so blatantly on the 'rights release' NCP posted. That's not right, in my mind...