Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NCP Howler--veinglory

Howl for Me is listed as a new release from New Concepts Press with the authors named as Marlee Eastman, Marie Morin and Sydney Somers. On her blog Ellen Ashe quotes Sydney Somers as saying, in part: "I have no idea who the two other authors are on the cover on what their involvement in this project is. It was not an anthology. I wrote three chapters of a proposal for a full length novel a year and a half ago and that was ALL that NCP ever received from me. HOWL FROM ME as it is being released from NCP is not a story that I wrote and completed and I encourage my readers not to purchase the book...". Um, wow.

edited to add: see more Sydney Somer's website here (thanks Kayleigh)

Edited again to add a link to NCP's shit list. Long, isn't it?


Kayleigh Jamison said...

Wow is right. Goodness.

Here's where Somers speaks about it on her site if you want the original source:

CJ England said...

I hope she does more than just tell her readers not to purchase it. If she didn't sign a contract, then aren't they stealing her work?

Or am I missing something?

kirsten saell said...

From what I read on DA, she did sign a contract for the novel she proposed when she submitted the partial. She did not agree for her partial to be used in a "round robin" type of work with other authors. So, yeah, even if there's a contract, NCP isn't honoring their side of it.

Unknown said...

Wow, that's quite a list. I'm amazed they put that on their website, you'd think they wouldn't want to announce the extensive amount of their authors leaping off that sinking ship.

Mari said...

It was Madris' way of trying to mark authors as trouble makers. Actually, those people's contracts ended. They still aren't letting people out who want to go. Believe me, I am one of those denied termination.

Anonymous said...

Why do people still purchase books from these imbeciles? And where the hell is that EPIC organization? Can a mass email campaign or something be done to get the word out to customers about the insanity that is happening here? This Madris DeManure (oh, sorry, DePasture...I was thinking the stuff left behind!) is a real fricking tool!