Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pickled Cupid's Picks--veinglory

It isn't always easy to tell what on the Pickle Cupid blog is serious and what is tongue-in-cheek. But their picks for top e-publishers seem to be in earnest. Here they are in preference order:

Ellora’s Cave
Double Dragon
Liquid Silver
Red Rose

For comparison Teddy's picks in alphabetical order (is his blog dead?):

Amber Quill Press
Aspen Mountain Press
Belgrave House
Cerridwen Press
Changeling Press
Cobblestone Press
Drollerie Press
Ellora’s Cave
Liquid Silver Books
Loose Id
Man Love Romance Press
The Wild Rose Press

And the EREC top 5 in sales volume order:

Ellora's Cave
Loose Id
Amber Quill Press
Liquid Silver Books

No list is perfect but the e-publishers whose names crop up repeatedly are presumably doing something right. It looks about right to me.


Anonymous said...

Double Dragon? Released my book without contract... did not even send edits through.... and took about three years from acceptance to release even without edits or a contract.... Though I have to admit for poser art, it was nice and really fit the book.

veinglory said...

I notice Pickles Cupid are linking us back

"Erectsite blog (for lovers of M/M -which, btw we're NOT, but they're pretty nice people so we're listing them)"

Fir which I thank them. Although we are not so much MM specific as leaning in that direction a little more than any other :)