Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seeking large press authors--veinglory

I have the latest version of the sales tracker up on our main page. I am reasonably happy now that the data set (over 180 books!) gives a ballpark idea of sales in this genre and format. But I feel like a little perspective is still needed. After all, sales levels for e-books are one thing, but just how good are the other options?

I am looking for authors who are published with major erotic romance imprints such as Harlequin Blaze or Avon Red (or any press larger than Ellora's Cave), and who are willing to share sales data. The data would be anonymous and not broken down even as far as the specific publisher and will based on at least three authors and at least 5 books. If you have a book currently on sale, or on sale within the last 365 days, that is published with a large erotic romance imprint please consider letting me know 1) publisher/imprint (for my information only) 2) sales at the first statement (first quarter?) 3) total copies sold to date--and if relevant 4) sales after one year.

For more information please email me at veinglory at


kirsten saell said...

You might also want to include royalty rate (or range) as a sidenote. If an author is making 7.5% on print books (as opposed to 30-50% typical of ebooks), they have to sell a lot more copies to make the same money.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Brenda Hiatt collect information like this? In her show me the money listing?

veinglory said...

Her data is a little too apples-and-oranges to compare directly, it covers only one period which is end of contract, and uses the unit of money earned not copies sold.