Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Some snippets from around the place, with my comments added....

"I can see someone writing slightly huskier guys, but given that nobody is writing romances about women my size even when they’re writing rubenesque heroines, I’m not thinking this is a trend that will be embraced." [Shannon C.]

I don't know about trend, but I will read BBW and BBM readily--I have my own personal preferences, but in a novel what is important to me is that the protagonist desires the object of affection, not that I would. Likewise, I don't require the protagonist to be like me.

"L&L Dreamspell is now paying Advances - even to brand new authors! From $100 to $250, depending on the book's length and author's experience." [L & L Dreamspell]

The website remains pretty terrible but they specify that they take erotic romance. Guess it's time to update the publisher list again. The payment of advances is interesting but their posted contract is vague, does not specify what costs are included in "net", suggests that they take movie rights and suggests the author agrees to co-sue plagiarists, presumably including legal costs?

"Indeed, if e-books become the norm, the publishing industry as we know it may wither away. Books may end up serving mainly as promotional material for authors’ other activities, such as live readings with paid admission." [Paul Krugman]

Yep, digital products inevitably become free. That's why Microsoft went bankrupt.

p.s. I missed posting for a few days there because I am travelling for work again and so ran a bit short of time and wi fi.


Erastes said...

I'm not sure what the BB's stand for -I'm assuming they start with BIG so I'd rather not know!

However I don't require the protagonist to be like me.

Yes! completely - that's exactly it, and sums up where I read, I don't want Mary Sue, I don't want to put myself in the place of the spaceman/dog/horse/warrior woman/alien - not at all!

kirsten saell said...

Beautiful, Erastes, not bald or bombastic or bellicose or belligerent, lol!

...such as live readings with paid admission."

Because I, for one, would much rather be on tour all the time reading sex scenes out loud to strangers than actually writing. I can't even begin to express my incredulity at this man's boneheadedness. Hey! Another B-word.

Seeley deBorn said...

Yeah, live tours. Fun. I like the emarket because I can do promo (when I get to that point) from the comfort of my pyjamas.

As for the big beautiful, I know some readers want characters that have their body types or are more representative of the average woman, etc. but I really don't mind and, to be honest, prefer the characters who sound like physical perfection. I don't read to see reality. I read to live in fantasy for a while.

kirsten saell said...

I'm kinda with Seeley. I don't demand perfection, but I'm not really interested in reading about characters who possess the same traits I dislike in myself.

I don't want to read about mildly passive-aggressive, lazy, disorganized, fat, flabby women with poor housekeeping skills and saggy boobs. Likewise, I don't want to read about men who practice haphazard toenail maintenance and waste their off hours playing World of Warcraft. You all can infer who I might be talking about here.