Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What happens when you lose the point-person....

A lot of online initiatives revolve around a single person. When money or large scale inconvenience are on the line you need to get that person to provide some emergency contact information. This need not be complicated, just a few people who know them in meat-space and can let you know if they lose their internet, or even actually have something very serious happen to them. Case in point:


*Permission to forward*

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have lost contact with our Prism contest coordinator, Victoria Stark. We have exhausted our resources (email, phone, snail mail, friends), and she has not responded back to us. If anyone has been in contact with her, please let her know the board is trying to get a hold of her and for her to please respond ASAP. The last we heard the contest was proceeding as expected and the entries were about to go to the judges. Unfortunately, we have no proof this happened. We have three volunteers willing to drive to NY to get the materials from her if she has failed to send them out, but we need her to respond before that can happen. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and plan to move forward with the contest if we can get the materials returned. In the future, we plan to utilize online resources to ensure one person is not responsible for the whole contest.

If you have entered the Prism contest, please email the following address with your name, email address, name of book(s) entered, and category entered: contest at romance-

Thank You,

FF&P Board

Edited to add:

*Permission to forward*

Since we have been unable to contact the Prism coordinator, Victoria Stark, the board will now take over the contest. Thanks to everyone who made the attempt to contact her or who gave suggestions and well wishes. We appreciate the support.

If you are a Prism entrant and have not contacted us, please do so at by June 30th. After that date, we will have to assume we have all entries. We will need your name, email address, name of book(s), and category entered.

Thank you!

FF&P Board

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Anonymous said...

Having just had this happen with my webhosting person (luckily I was able to fix it after three days of burying myself in my den and much bad words) and knowing that she (my web hosting lady) left a lot of people in the lurch, I wish FF&P the best of luck in resolving this. Having once been a judge for the prism, I've always thought it was a really great contest.