Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ask Treva....--veinglory

Do you have questions about e-publishing, questions that only an editor could answer? Do you have questions you might not want to ask an editor directly? Well then we have just the opportunity you have been looking for!

For our new feature 'Ask Treva' writer and editor Treva Harte has agreed to answer any burning questions you might have about the art, and business, of e-publishing--and she need never know it was you who asked them. Just send your questions to me at veinglory[at] and I will forward them on to our gracious guest columnist for her responses. This might become a regular feature if you guys have the questions and Treva is willing to keep supplying her responses.

Treva Harte: Editor Bio
Treva Harte became co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of Loose Id in 2004. She holds a English Literature from University of Arizona (high honors), a M.A. in English Literature from University of Virginia and a J.D. from University of Virginia. She is a member of the Virginia and D.C. bars. From 1988 until 2008 she specialized in intellectual property law as a Trademark Examining Attorney for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Treva is multi-published with several e-publishers in print and e-book format, a member of RWA and PAN, and winner of the CAPA 2003 award in the "Erotic Fantasy Romance" category.


Anonymous said...

Once again, Emily, you rock hard. Great idea!

veinglory said...

I need more question! Surely you must have some things you have always wondered about? The editor's black list, what happened to the semi-colon, why are golden showers forbidden...? Oh, that was just me then? ;)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm supposed to email questions to you, but an anonymous post will have to do.

I'm wondering what Treva is seeing coming across her desk. She sees what writers are writing, and she hears directly from readers. What really is selling well? Is paranormal romance giving way to romantic suspense, or is it stronger than ever? Are readers tired of vampires, or can they still not get enough? She has inside scoop we can't see well from out here.

That's what I'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how much money has the best selling ebook at Loose Id made?

We can already guess what the worst selling ebook made. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of epubs ask for "out of the box" in their submissions guidelines, but I don't feel their books are so much "out of the box" as "in a slightly different box". The "give us something different" instruction feels more confusing than useful when it comes to submitting something to an erotic romance epub.

I guess my question would just be to hear Treva's take on this.

Related, I read somewhere recently, a blogger commenting on how Loose Id's focus had changed. This had affected what the writer could submit to them. Could Treva maybe comment on how Loose Id has evolved in terms of what kind of stories they are publishing now vs. when they first got started?