Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aunty has a "Bright" Idea--veinglory

Imagine if you needed a separate ISBN for every format your ebook was offered in. You may not need to imagine it for very long if the PA/BA Liaison Group get their way.

And who, you may ask, is the BA/PA Liaison Group. Well they: work to identify and initiate action on some of the challenges facing the book trade for the benefit of all in the industry.

They are specifically a group within the British Publishers Association whose membership is drawn from Random House, Penguin, Lttle Brown, Macmillan, Faber & Faber, HarperCollins and Scholastic.

PA proudly and repeatedly claim to "[r]epresent the large majority of UK publishing by turnover..." "By turnover" perhaps meaning, mostly the big boys who don't e-publish as their core business and so don't care much about the cost of a separate ISBN for different digital formats?


Meg said...

Oh, wonderful. That's the kind of Aunty you wish would shuffle off and leave you her millions. lol!

Helen said...

And does BA/PA get to tell everyone what they have to do, or are they limited to just the UK? Because I sure as hell didn't vote for that idea over here in the US.

Linda Mooney said...

If every epub was expected to issue a different ISBN # to every format of every book, the cost alone would be prohibitive, IMHO. I can see everyone being dropped to one format only (probably PDF).

kirsten saell said...

which would not necessarily be a bad thing in the long run