Saturday, July 12, 2008

EREC logo?--veinglory

I am about to commission an official logo for EREC and am a little fuzzy on what to ask for. Any suggestions out there for a good logo design that would suit the site, look nice on a T-shirt, and stand out from the usual array of lipstick lips and slinky silhouettes? Any ideas for a design brief appreciated!


Maura Anderson said...

Not that I'm a great person for logo ideas but what comes to mind is a way to use a graph (bar or line) to create an appropriate silhouette (woman, lips, etc).

Anah Crow said...

I definitely think a photomanipulation to put 'binary output' on a pair of lovely lips or in the shape of a heart would be pretty. So, too, would be going for tones of greens and blues, like a computer screen output. I'd love to suggest roaming way off the beaten path, but the path is beaten for a reason.

Another option would be a pair of clasped hands, possibly in a gender-neutral size/colouring, but it depends on how the art is being done. I think that gets the message across without going for the lips/bodies images.

You have my sympathies. Logo design and that kind of thing is one of my least favourite 'games'.

Helen said...

I could probably come up with a dozen ideas and send you the thumbnails. Maybe a female robot with the letters EREC emblazones on her chest; a computer screen with a pair of red/hot pink lips opened to show EREC in the center. Do you want to get away from the lips/female image entirely? Sit down and brainstorm, come up with some thumbnail images, maybe post them here so people can take a look and make suggestions. Give yourself a few nights to do that and see what comes up.

Mima said...

i think it should say sex/romance and tech/computers.

i like all of the above ideas.
how about a heart shaped mouse?