Monday, July 21, 2008

GUEST MONDAY: Romance with a Twist by Amelia June

Hi all, my name's Amelia June and I'm an erotica writer. I'm happy to be guest blogging at EREC today! I want to talk a little bit about romance with a twist.

Seems like everyone is looking for that new angle these days, the new way to write the same old love story. Not that there's anything wrong with the same old love story--love is a timeless thing, kind of like taxes and death. We can be sure to find it and lose it in our lifetime, one way or another.

When I set out to write a story, I don't intend to add the "twist" or the "new take," but sometimes such a thing appears. I don't plan it, the muse commands and I respond. This time around, it was in my newest release, A Pirate's Legacy.

Legacy is about two women, but not two women in love. They are connected, somehow, across time. One is a somewhat meek and shy archaeology professor, who likes men but hasn't really found one who likes her back. The other is a cutthroat pirate captain in disguise as a man--clearly, she has a hard time in the romance department. I mean, first you have to be able to trust a man won't kill you for your gender, right?

How do I go about writing a love story about these two women? I had to do it differently. Rebekah, the pirate, falls for her first mate. She's no wilting violet in the days of wilting violet heroines, she's a bad ass and she stands up for herself and unlike most men of the era, her first mate James finds her dead sexy for it. She's your classic woman-on-top, all business and all in charge, but this guy James loves her enough for her to take down her guard now and then. They're quite sweet, if non-traditional for the 1700s.

Sinclaire, my professor? She's got it bad for the sexy, smooth Cole. But right from the beginning he turns out to be more than he appears. Her man trouble is only compounded by Adrian, hot island guy who is weirdly rude to her. Up to her neck in men acting weird, not to mention dreams of a dangerous pirate, Sinclaire has to hold her own and decide what her path is regardless of the influences around her.

Traditional romance novels follow certain rules, and this one follows pretty much none of them. But somehow, my heroines find the right and fitting end to their tales. One of them even finds her HEA in the arms of just the right guy, but only on her own terms. I guess I'm just not meant to write the old-school love story, but I think this one ends with a satistfying "awww" just like a traditional tale should.

I've written stories where the hero died, and yet love still prevailed. I've written tales where my heroine found herself with two guys for the price of one--and multiple pains in the butt as well. When I read a love story, I want to feel the "awww" as much as the next person, but I think the time has come to open up to different ways of experiencing that same feeling. There are many ways to write a love story, and all stories are worth telling.

Tell me what your favorite non-traditional romance story is! I'd love to read anything off the beaten path.

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Thank you Emily and the EREC crew for this opportunity to go on and on with no real point! You guys rock!

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