Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Guest Monday--veinglory [permission to forward]

Erotic Romance Epublisher Comparison Guest Blogging (Guest Mondays)

ERECsite.com is open to receiving guest blog posts on any topic of potential interest to our readership. ERECsite is focused on providing information to writers of erotic romance e-books--however any topics relating to erotica, romance, e-book, all books, reading and the publishing industry in general may be of interest. Here is what a guest blogger needs to do.

1) If you are not familiar with the ERECsite blog have a quick look around.
2) Write a post aimed at our readers.
3) Attach a one paragraph bio, links and picture (for example cover art).
4) Send the post, bio and picture to me at veinglory[at]gmail.com in an email or attached plain text document.

Your post will be scheduled for the next available Monday, or an open Monday of your choice (see right column for open dates). Suggested post topics include but are not limited to: tips for writers, anecdotes about your writing life, editorial or commentary, any opinion pieces, industry news and trends. Posts should be topical but may be previously or simultaneous published. We do not ask for any rights other than to display the post on the ERECsite blog.

News Tips
I am always interested in hearing about news and developments relating to erotica, romance, epublishing and related topics. For example new presses, presses closing, publishers behaving badly, calls for submissions, charitable initiatives, awards won, significant changes at any listed publisher such as new imprints etc. Reports are assumed to be anonymous and confidential unless you provide a verbatim report and attach a byline for me to use in attributing the report.

What's In It For You?
ERECsite blog receives about 150-300 unique visitors per day--exactly how useful this is as promotion I really don't know. If you take part and record hits to your links please let me know how that goes. Regular contributors will also be given 125x125 advertising spots on the website.

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