Thursday, July 31, 2008


It appears that the Erotic Romance Writers Forum along with many other forums has been hacked. Please do not visit the forum until this has been resolved as the url seems to lead to malware. --fixed.

Shadowfire Press's grand opening is tomorrow (the 1st of August):

Ezine HelixSF is apparently miffed with some authors for withdrawing their work. In response some of the authors started their own ezine.

"The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling, available for pre-order now. This book of fairy tales was written to supplement the Harry Potter series and will be published in two new editions on December 4, 2008 ... Amazon is also thrilled to offer a luxuriously packaged Collector's Edition". And for a mere $100. Can no author finish a best-selling series as planned and just walk away with their dignity more-or-less intact? Probably not, so long as the luxury edition is Amazon ranked at #7 before it even goes on sale. Oh, and Amazon is emailing every associate an affiliate link ensuring many positively-toned blog posts. (No, the link above is not an affiliate link).

Esquire magazine's e-ink cover shows the limitations of the format more than the advantages IMHO. It is, amongst other things, a huge and pointless waste of resources to produce a disposable e-ink magazine cover that can only display 2 images. Especially when its display qualities (contrast, brightness, durability) will compare unfavorably with glossy paper. What does it prove to use technology in a way that shows its inferiority for that purpose--it is just gee whiz innovation for its own sake, not the sake of improved functionality. [/rant]


Erastes said...

JKR won't be getting an associate link from me! I may be living in 1984-land because I remember very clearly her saying "It will never be published."


veinglory said...

I didn't know that. I wonder why the turn around. I mean she already has more money than God.

BTW it looks like Shadowfire is opening with just same same three authors?

Athena Grayson said...

Judging by the comments in the article, it's more to get e-ink tech in front of people who've never seen it before, rather than those who already know it's potential enough to see the limitations in that particular use.

It's building up the power of the wow factor. Wow factors with more people going, "wow," get more attention than just a handful of early-adopters saying the same thing. Someone has found a way to advertise using it, and it won't be long, as the comments in the BB article said, before we start seeing e-ink b00bs, bouncing hypnotically, on the cover of mags like Maxim.

Anonymous said...

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