Sunday, July 13, 2008

Larissa Ione article--veinglory

It is easy to forget that the general public didn't think that much about the erotic romance genre. When they do come across it the responses certainly fall out a lot of different ways. The journalist writing this story for a local paper clearly took a matter of fact approach.

"Inside Larissa Ione’s head lurk demons, werewolves and people with supernatural and unnatural powers. Also inside? Sex. Lots and lots of sex."

But here are some outakes from the comments:

My children will NEVER be allowed to read TDN again!

Are you going to let them leave the house, watch television or do you monitor them 24/7

I'm just wondering why this was the front page article.

A welcome break from the stories about panty thieves, Meth-heads, and parents who kill their children.

Oh My Gosh. This is disgusting. Have we no better news to put on the front page of the paper.

[full article here]


Anonymous said...


Assholes much?

Maybe next week they should run an article about that sick bastard Shakespeare.

Helen said...

I've actually met this woman. She lives very close to where I live, and I went to a book signing she did at a local Borders. She's very nice, and was very nervous about her signing (it was one of her first), but she billed herself as an erotca author and seemed to be doing well at the signing. Good for her! I keep seeing press releases about her in my local newspapers. She seems like a hard working author.