Thursday, July 17, 2008


I think Meetup is a rather useful website. It is fee charging but it made it very easy for me to start up a writers group and get members straight away. So if you are starved for the company of other writers and there are no exiting writers groups nearby, you might like to give it a go.

But I was rather surprised to see a Meetup for writers, where the people who join are charged fees: "Session one: $25; Sessions 2 and 3: $35 For under $100 you will receive a concentrated dose inito the world of book writing." Oh and they have on of those contests where you win "free" publishing for your book--you know how much I like those.

So who is it run by? Ernie and Mary Carwile who, no matter how slickly, are published because they published themselves. I wonder if the membership will remain at 1, and if they get members will those people be happy with what they end up getting a concentrated dose of. (Update, last time I checked they have 4 members).

[Gleened from this thread at Absolute Write]


Stacia said...

I particularly like their use of a form letter thank-you from Barack Obama, implying it's an endorsement.

Seeley deBorn said...

7 members. Always nice when friends and family join your little club.

Anyone who joins up with this group is probably already published. Through Publish America.

Nick said...

Very interesting post. Thank you