Thursday, July 24, 2008


Iris has finally named the day: "July 31, 2008, when Iris Print closes its doors for good." Before deciding whether to take advantage of their liquidation sale, consider that their authors have not been paid for two quarters.

Sapphire Blue Publishing is actively soliciting multiple authors via email. Make of that what you will.

While the website looks 'business as usual' Blue Phi'er is in serious, drain circling, trouble.

Developments at Lulu are cause for serious concern for some self-publishers. "An ISBN differs from what we call "distribution". With Published By You, the author owns the ISBN as well as the intellectual property rights of the title and Lulu holds the exclusive rights to distribute the ISBN's bibliographic data ... Lulu recently established a direct relationship with that has resulted in an overlapping of bibliographic data if an author tries to submit their ISBN data to When this overlap occurs, Amazon contacts Lulu and sends an error message to the author." Allow me to translate: you can't use Lulu and Createspace for the same book.

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