Monday, August 25, 2008

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eromtic whatmance?

It seems like increasingly the existence of erotic romance has begun to warp the understanding of erotica and romance as core genres. First it seemed like a lot of readers were unaware of erotica that was not romantic. Then I came across this summary of the genre distribution of ebooks:

"What a shocker, 15% of all the titles available are romance, if you include the 4% erotica in there too, the lion’s share of ebooks are ‘adult’ content." [Alex Lee]

Romance is 'adult'? Golly, maybe some of the more conservative members of the RWA were right with their warnings about the Ides of Sex turning the whole genre to porn? (The shocker to me is that only 15% of ebook fiction is romance, I'd have guessed more like 50%.) See the full results here.

The Ultimate MMF

I wonder where the whole sexification issue leaves inspy romance. At authorfest 2008 it was suggested that the two hot genres in romance are erotic romance, and inspirational. Of course religious romance comes in other stripes and Christianity is a large and internally diverse world religion. So the ultimate cross-over might be erotic inspirational romance?

As for my sub-title, check out: Cowboys and Schoolteachers. And I quote: "this analysis finds that secular men are depicted as overwhelmingly strong, economically and physically, but that this strength is frequently overcome by the emotional strength of the heroine, who tames them. Christian heroes, on the other hand, are less overpowering figures at the beginning of the texts but are more dominant within the relationship, subject instead to the will of God."


Dana Fredski is now submitting to an unspecified online publishing company, formerly known as Ravenous Romance (cache). Hmmm.

Thanks for some useful information from Dalyn Miller Public Relations, who have recently announced taking on Ravenous Romance as a client. (With some rather retro rhetoric about a "female-empowerment approach to erotica" if you ask me--but what the hey).

Specifically "Lori Perkins is a paid editor and minor shareholder in Ravenous Romance™. She does not take a commission on any book sold to Ravenous Romance™." Which actually does clear a few things up. And "Ravenous Romance™ does accept non-agented submissions. You can email us at for submission guidelines." --So I have added them to the PLIST.


Angelia Sparrow said...

Actually, I am working on that erotic inspirational romance. (this surprises no one, I'm sure)

Okay, it's an erotic, gay, PAGAN inspirational romance, but still! It's about a damaged couple coming together to make a whole. Gabe's paganism plays a very large role in it, and Sean kinda drifts into the practices, eventually having a religious experience at Beltaine.

If we wanted to be strictly Judeo-Christian, we could write Hosea. Hosea married a prostitute. He had children by her. She left him for a pimp. He took care of her even while she was gone. She, realizing how much he loved her, came back and they had a happy ending. Classic Romance, with lotsa sex. A best-seller, except for the fact her name is Gomer.

My test word is bunpwn. Bun (my oldest daughter) does pwn.

Anonymous said...

Emily, Jill Elaine Hughes said the following on your blog (in bold):

# posted by Blogger Jill Elaine Hughes : 7:15 PM

"She is soliciting stories on their behalf. What isn't clear is how she is being paid for her efforts. Is she taking a cut of from the authors she is passing on to Ravenous?"

I'm Lori Perkins' client, and I know that at least in my case, she gets paid a 15% commission on my earnings, just like any other literary agent would on a deal he/she brokered.

That post apparently went missing. I had to go find it through Google cache.

Didn't the PR dude say Ms. Perkins takes no commission from her sales to RR?

So which is it? She do, or she don't?

veinglory said...

Angelia, loving the sound of that one :)

Anonymous said...

I think there may have been some confusion on exactly how Ms. Perkins was paid for Ms. Hughes' deal, which is probably why those comments were deleted and the PR statement issued today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: I think there may have been some confusion on exactly how Ms. Perkins was paid for Ms. Hughes' deal, which is probably why those comments were deleted and the PR statement issued today.

So, Ms. Hughes didn't read her contract with Ms. Perkins? Or perhaps Ms. Perkins told Ms. Hughes she wouldn't be taking her normal 15% for the books sold to RR (instead of amending the contract and providing something in writing - something I can't imagine any reputable agent would do), but Ms. Hughes forgot? And why delete the post, rather than just post a correction or explanation for the "mistake"? Was Ms. Hughes hoping no one would remember she'd told us how her agent was being paid for the books sold to RR? And why has the other RR author deleted the publisher's name from her blog post and replaced it with the generic "an online publisher" term?

I'm sorry, but this all seems rather underhanded and strange. Or maybe it's just that the name of this publisher came into the spotlight well before they were prepared to answer questions or address author concerns. So, instead of having an official team - or even an official individual representative - in place, the RR PTB were caught by surprise when Dear Author and EREC started posting about them. Or worse, or they were totally unaware of what was happening. Into the fray steps 2 RR authors, taking it upon themselves to speak for RR, and apparently (?) providing erroneous or half-baked information.

Maybe. LOL.

I think RR reps (both official and self-declared) have done a horrible job handling this whole issue. From the derogatory comments about existing epublishers to the cut-n-paste post from their PR agent, to the thinly veiled threat against Veinglory's career, they've done little more than confuse and offend their peers.

Stacia said...

So they're going to publish a new story every day, with short stories produced at lunch time? Huh.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've written a Christian inspirational m/m romance...

(The Syndicate Vol 3 reflects my militant liberal Anglican views on whether the church should be performing same-sex marriages.)

Mary Winter said...

I am currently working on pagan inspirational romances with sensual-erotic content and am hoping to not only write more, but receive submissions along those lines for Pink Petal Books. Thanks!