Saturday, August 02, 2008

For Sony e-reader owners--veinglory

Thanks to Teddypig for drawing this to my attention.

For those of you with Sony e-readers who like to read pdf ebooks, there is a new update available to the Sony e-reader software to allow you to do this more easily. The new update with enable 'reflow' on pdfs and the reading of the so-called industry standard EPUB format (personally I still prefer pdf).

“The Reader is an open device and we will continue to explore formats that will provide the widest variety of content for Reader users,” said Steve Haber, senior vice president of consumer product marketing for Sony Electronics. “This upgrade opens the door to a whole host of paid and free content from third-party eBook stores, web sites and even public libraries.”

New Sony readers already have this update, existing readers can be updated from the Sony site. Choose the "MP3 and Portable Electronics" tab. If you update the ' E-Book Library', then plug in the reader the software will provide step by step instructions.


Teddy Pig said...

The big thing is it supports Adobe secured pdf.

Meaning if you have been purchasing encrypted pdfs from any other eBook retailers you will not lose money buying a Sony.

Anne D said...

I don't know how well known it is, but I found out about some software that makes the SONY usable on a mac


Apparently the brainchild of some college guy.

Since the majority of my eBooks are PDF, I've decided to take the jump and try out the Sony Reader.

Not sure what I'll do with the Mobi ones though lol (started using mobi for my palm.) Though I'm sure there must be some sort of converter.

Katrina Strauss said...

I updated mine last week, and now have larger font varieties.

I found this of interest as well, and the spouse will be buying one next payday for us to share back and forth: