Friday, August 01, 2008

Going Down in Flames/Quoted for Truth--veinglory

Blue Phi-er was never what I considered a terribly promising press, for the usual reasons (lack of experience, lack of start up capital, terrible website, generally being sans clue). Nor are they an erotic romance e-publisher. But the owner said something that resonates with me and is relevant. You can find his complete whining email here. The line I am focusing on is this one:

"For you upcoming authors, think carefully about what you are doing with requesting us to publish your books. Once your book is in print we are in bed together, for better or worse."

Bloggers comment a lot on flailing and failing presses. Maybe it is partly for the entertainment value, or morbid curiosity. But largely it is because of the utter truth of the statement above. If you choose a sexual partner over the internet, you ask them no questions, you take every statement they make at face value, and you do not use caution and protection, you will be lucky if the worst you encounter is someone who vanishes the next morning leaving you with a little 'blue fire' down below.

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