Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kinktalk: CFNM [an adult content post]--veinglory

I generally blog more about romance than erotica or the dreaded 'pornography', but erotic romance borders on both genres, and I do keep an eye on both areas. So I will occasionally discuss what is happening with sex-genres, especially those targeting female markets. This post is about CFNM, which is short for 'clothed female, naked male'. The links in this post are not work safe. If you are not comfortable with pictures showing sex acts do not click these links.

CFNM is described as female dominance. With posed/acted material, CFNM generally shows clothed women doing whatever naughty things they want to naked men (see: CFNM Adventures, CFNM Friends). Okay, whatever rocks your boat. I guess I have been living under a rock, because I hadn't come across this while idea until today. It does seem to be a kink with a real female viewership, (e.g. Visual Sensation for Women), showing the limitations to the whole men are visual, women are not idea.

But when I look at "real" CFNM (e.g. Male Stripper, Extreme CFNM) I don't always see female dominance. These are meant to be, and sometimes genuinely seem to be, parties where the women are members of the public. And in these many of these events what I see is 'girls gone wild' style exploitation of women. Get women drunk, throw naked men in the mix, get footage. I assume they women sign disclaimers at some point and are adult, but I wonder if all of these 'empowered' women feel when they see the pictures later. In fact many of these scenarios seen to totally flip who is being humiliated (e.g. "Real amateur girlfriends, wives and mothers get drunk at crazy euro CFNM stripper party and end up ... some strange stripper cock on camera").

These issues aside I do think that having a character leave all or some clothes on during an erotic scene can be a way to play with dominance and power issues. But I doubt any erotic romance publisher would touch a scenario based on getting people drunk to get them to embarrass themselves, unless it was the villain doing it and he suffered a very apt revenge.


Angelia Sparrow said...

It goes way back. Just today I was noticing this trend at the Vintage Sex community on LJ. The ladies are often just hiking their skirts while the men are starkers, except for socks and garters.

I understand it's not really about power in the Victorian pictures, but about bypassing obscenity codes.

Mya said...

Ok, now I want to thank you for posting these links and where as some are clearly 'women gone wild' sites, some are more classy and enticing with adult models. I don't have anything deep to say though, other than some of it is very sexy and I will be bookmarking a site or 2.