Sunday, August 03, 2008

Phagocytosis (a.k.a. Amazon, Son of Blob)--veinglory

One of my replacements for, at least for locating out of print books, has been Abe Books. The boycott by myself and a few others is not exactly being felt at Amazon head office. In fact Amazon's profits are up 41% on the same time last year.

While the economy is generally staggering along its downward spiral, Amazon is expanding. Now they have acquired Abe Books (the news from CNET, via Dear Author). The implications for Abe Books are not really clear at this time. But Alibris is starting to look like a better alternative. (Please don't tell me if it is owned by Nazis, or even worse, Donald Trump)

And if you aren't familiar with phagocytosis its what this big blobby neutrophil is doing to the little wiggling bacteria below.

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