Sunday, August 10, 2008


The publisher list is about due for a substantial update. It should list all for the in business erotic romance publishers. I'd really appreciate it if a few of you could check down this list (below) for any presses that might be missing, or that have closed and need to be removed. If you have any extra time I would appreciate feedback on any important information about these presses that might be missing from the PLIST and whether any need to have 'smoke' or 'fire' advisories added. Thanks to anyone who can help out.

ABCD Webmasters
Amber Quill
Aspen Mountan Press
Asylett Press
Black Velvet Seductions
Carnal Desires
Changeling Press
Cobblestone Press
Crescent Moon Press
Dark Castle Lords
ETA Dark Roast Press
Discipline and Desire
Ellora's Cave
Eternal Press
Forbidden Publications
Freya's Bower
Hearts on Fire
ImaJinn Books
LA Media
Lachesis Publishing
Lavender Isis
Linden Bay
Liquid Silver Books
Logical Lust
Loose Id
ETA Lyrical Press
Midnight Showcase
Mojocastle Press
Mystic Moon
New Concepts
Pink Flamingo
Pink Petal Books
Red Rose Publishing
Renaissance Ebooks
Resplendence Publishing
Romance at Heart
Romance Divine
Samhain Publishing
Shadowfire Press
Tantalizing Tales
Tease Publishing
Total E-Bound
Wicked Women of Color
Whiskey Creek Press
The Wild Rose Press


Cat Grant said...

I don't see my publisher, Lyrical Press, on the list. My book's definitely erotic romance.

Cat Grant said...

And I think you can take LA Media off the list. The link you have for them on the PLIST goes here:

veinglory said...

Thank. Not having Lyrical is defintiely an oversight. I will check on LA Media, I think they still technically exist but have no website.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Dark Roast Press?

They're new. (I know, not a good sign, but everyone starts somewhere)

At least one of the eds. from Aphrodite's Apples is there.

They have 7 books out and 6 more coming--some as early as next Friday.

No reports of payment problems.

veinglory said...

That's definitely another one to add, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is Lavender Isis gone?

Meg said...


Another new pub, but I have just submitted a short to them. They look okay, the yahoo group is friendly, I haven't seen any complaints. They ask authors to edit and provide own cover art, but authors get 100% direct sales, and a percentage of sales from fictionwise.

Small at present, but looks promising.

Meg said...

oops forgot the url

Barbara Sheridan said...

Noble Romance

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding us.

Emily, if you have any question about LPI, please feel free to email us at publisher AT lyricalpress DOT com.


veinglory said...

Thanks Renee, apologies that it seems I never got around to adding you to the list. i know I intended too.

Also Excessia and Noble. I will add them tonight.

veinglory said...

Lavender Isis is looking a little 'ceased to be'.

Rae Lori said...

Hi Emily,

You are correct. Lavender Isis closed its doors earlier this year. Feel free to remove it from your list. (Thanks for including us!) :-)


M Barnette said...

An update regarding the Shadowfire Press guidelines might be in order. The contest is no more, and we are open to submissions in both erotic and mainstream categories.

veinglory said...

The Shadowfire listing on the PLIST is currently blank other than saying they opned on August 1st. Blog posts are relevant only up to the date on which they are posted.