Saturday, August 16, 2008

Press Release--veinglory

"Kathryn Struck, President of Awe-Struck eBooks, has made the announcement on the EPIC lists that Mundania Press LLC will acquire ownership of Awe-Struck eBooks as of January 1, 2009. Awe-Stuck will become an imprint of Mundania Press LLC, as is Phaze Books, Mundania Press, and New Classics, and continue to run as a separate company, yet be integrated into the Mundania Press LLC family.

The plans are for the existing staff, editors, and artists to keep doing their jobs for Awe-Struck. The only changes are that Kathryn and her partner Dick Claassen are retiring from publishing to pursue other interests, including writing and music. They both have agreed to be available for consulting through part of 2009.

Awe-Struck brings along a readership for many more genres of romance, especially regencies, along with non-fiction.

For Phaze and Mundania this will have little impact.

Phaze Books
Exceptional Erotic Fiction"


Anonymous said...

Good thing I never subbed to them as I was considering then, because it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever let Dan Reitz within a hundred yards of my work.

Mary Winter said...

Awe-Struck was the company that offered me the acceptance on Ghost Touch many, many moons ago (late 2002), but they said I'd have to wait 4-5 years for release, so I declined. But hey, that's how I ended up where I did. :)

Teddy Pig said...

HEH! Awe-Stuck says it all.

Does this mean we can start calling Mundania... Awe-Suck?

Abandon ship!

Anonymous said...

funny how they have money to buy out other companies but still pay crap to their authors and do little to actually sell their books... other than BACK to the authors, of course.