Monday, August 25, 2008



I am the publisher of Renaissance Publishing, an independent publisher in Singapore supporting our fledging writers' scene with an annual writing contest giving out cash prizes and publishing the top entries. We also PAY local writers to write for us generously! You caused great reputation damage to us and our efforts when you irresponsibly posted on this Singapore writers' blog cum forum: that we are a publisher who do not pay their authors.

In the absence of the message which I do not recall, I will assume I made a comment on this blog that confused Renaissance Publishing with Renaissance ebooks and I am happy to publically repudiate any such confusion.

I have since gotten the administrators of that blog to take away your comment but the damage has been done. I presume your slanderous comment was prompted by this thread, the confusion of the similar name, and your earnestness to seek justice for Condor221. I hope the same sense of righteousness and justice will prompt you to post a public apology and correction for your error surely caused by not even bothering to surf our website to find out who we are first before maligning us in a public domain like that.

Telling lies to Bob in the next cubicle is slander, posting lies on the open internet is actually libel. Just for future reference. Also, I have no idea who Condor221 is or how they fit into this.

Renaissance Publishing is funded and managed by writers passionate about books. We have invested much money and effort and it pained us tremendously to see our reputation marred overnight by your baseless accusation. Please put yourselves in our shoes. We will appreciate your effort to restore and clear up our reputation so that we can carry on our work to discover and support talent in Singapore.

I doubt my opinion is quite so powerful. But FWIW. Yes I was in error in confusing the two presses. It seems more useful to say so here than track it back to the blog where my original comment, whatever it was, is no longer on display.

For future reference: Renaissance Ebooks versus Renaissance Publishing versus Renaissance Publishing (all different companies).


Teddy Pig said...


Maybe they need to get their heads out of their collective ass and learn how Google works before naming their company.

I don't care if they are in Singapore, it is easy to check to make sure no one is using the name Renaissance Publishing so in my opinion they created their own confusion here.

Suck it guys!

Treva Harte said...

Yet another example of why intellectual property is important. In this case, trademarks.