Thursday, August 14, 2008

This, that, and a cat--veinglory

Automatic text reader is a program that will try and simulate someone reading your work out loud. Still not exactly fluent, but potentially useful for proofreading?

Some other webtools:
* Plot Amazon sales ranks
* Widgetbox: to make a widget that previews your blog (to put on your website or other blogs)
* One loop to rule them all: a yahoogroup to tell you when you can promo on other yahoogroups (when did life get so complicated?)

Mills and Boon are now accepting submissions online. Please join me in welcoming them to last century.

Even amongst low-end small presses, Lulu-printing Passion for Poetry sinks to a new level. And I quote: "Our charges providing your poem are sent to us ready in a word format is American $500 or £250 UK pound (if the poems are just sent loose needing to be arranged then depending on how much etra work is needed we will have to charge more for the service)$300 or £100 when you send in the manuscript.... The rest paid when you OK the book.."

New(ish) blog: The Galaxy Express. Romance in sci fi, sci fi in romance--and maybe even that rarest of beasts, actual sci fi romance. It's new but I have high hopes.

And just for fun: Keyboard-Shaped Waffle Maker--for making waffles in the shape of keyboards, not just a waffle maker in the shape of a keyboard. Although of course to make waffles in the shape of a keyboard the waffle maker does, um, have be ... in the shape of a keyboard.

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Ann Somerville said...

Automatic text reader is a program that will try and simulate someone reading your work out load.

This facility has been built into the Mac operating system for quite some time, actually. It's quite entertaining, but not really a proofing tool.

I want that waffle maker :)

Heather Massey said...

Emily, thanks so much for the shout out! The support for this blog has been terrific and I appreciate everyone's interest.

I have high hopes for it, too!

Page Smith said...

You picked one of my (now) all time favorite LOLCats.

And how much do I want the waffle maker? Let me count the ways. The artist did that as a joke, but I don't think he realizes he could actually sell those if he had some made.

veinglory said...

I *need* an editor cat.