Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Trailer--veinglory

Okay, I'll 'fess up. I don't much like book trailers. The ones with just pictures and text bore me. The ones with live action rarely impress me. Twang twang goes the public domain music as pictures of pouting models zoom in and out like manic cue cards.

Take this one. I like the idea. Some of the scenes are clever. But the excerpt is clunky ("as they call it?") and the technique of the spanking is half-hearted at best. Rather than luring me to buy the book it makes me wonder how much the author really "gets" spanking. I mean, it's not bad--but it isn't exactly good either.

Have you seen any book trailers (not your own) that actually made you decide to buy a book, or at least made you more interested in it? Or hell, were just enjoyable to watch. Please throw me a link or two.

p.s. when I searched for the top rated youtubes for romance+book the first three results were for Deborah Macgillivray books. Go figure.


Erastes said...

I don't know if they do any good - but they are fun to produce. I've never seen one that made me want to buy the book, most of them are far too long, (I think 30 seconds is ample) with horrible porno backtracks and stock photos. I'd seen this one before and thought it was terrible, actually - if it had been the sort of book I'd have bought, that would have put me right off. As you say, some of the ideas are good, but I'd have cut out the waffle at the beginning and invested in some decent linen!

Seeley deBorn said...

I have yet to see the end of a book trailer. Not a one has interested me enough to watch it, let alone buy the book.

This was no different.

Meg said...

I like to watch book trailers. Not sure I've been inspired to buy any book based solely on the trailer, but I did like Syd McGinley's trailers for the Dr. Fell chasers:

K. Z. Snow said...

Not once has a trailer provoked me into buying a book . . . or even checking into it. Only recommendations from fellow readers or reviewers whom I respect will pique my interest. The deal-maker or -breaker, though, is ye olde blurb-and-excerpt combo. Unless I'm intrigued by the storyline and like the author's style, I won't invest the time or money.