Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Comment on the New Hermes Advertisement : An Indian Winter

Our hazel-eyed, stubble-chinned hero is languishing in the snow--wearing a cable-knit turtleneck made (I kid you not) out of cashmere. Why does he lie here, what is the cause of his pained and pensive look?

Is it, perchance, because his groin is burning? Who, oh who does he look to with such hope? Who will douse this overly-literally fire in his loins?

With it be the lady of questionable judgement who is attempting to scale an mountain wearing goatskin high-heeled boots and a pleated skirt?

Or will it be the comely yak with the brunette tresses and the incarnadine handbag?

Why should any man be asked to make such a difficult choice? Introducing the latest in cutting edge erotic romance ebooks. A new tale of MFY, 'An Indian Winter'--brought to you by the author of 'Kinky is the Whole Chicken: Were-Fowl in Bondage' and 'I Was Teenage Lampshade: How to Seduce a Furniture-phile'. Look for it at an online distributor near you!


Jules Jones said...

Emily, you *know* what happens whenever someone suggests such titles purely in jest... :-)

veinglory said...

I'd buy the lampshade one just to find out where the 'switch' is.