Thursday, September 11, 2008

Esquire's E-Ink Cover--veinglory

Esquire has hit the stands, and fortunately someone who go one of the few e-Ink covers has shared it (see below). I am even more underwhelmed than I expected. I suppose this might be impressive to people who still think digital watches are kind of neat, but it strikes me a pointless gimmick that dumps unrecyclable materials into our landfills. Now if it had blinked a few time and then shown a story, that might have primed a lot of people for e-reading. But Esquire seems focused--like an old dancing Dad--on looking hip and cool. Oh, and on pleasing their advertisers. Rather than 'the new century' this is just a new twist on hologram or three-D covers that were mildly entertaining for a few seconds, and never seen again.


barrettmanor said...

Very disappointing, but I'm going to try to pick one up because they're hackable. ;-)

Seeley deBorn said...

As a revolution, that was definitly anti-claimactic.

I hate landfill fodder. They need to include instructions on how to recyle that product.