Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Love and wealth...--veinglory

Love Begets Wealth:

"It is my word, whoever reads this romance novel, will not be able to keep it down"

For me this moment was upon seeing: "Sketch 3 - Humble Obeisance", but hey--I never was one for alpha men.

Out of curiosity I did a search. As one might expect with a $29 ebook there were quite a few press releases but not any readers review that I could find outside of the authors own site, or those written (it seems) by the author (giving himself a modest 9/10 here and a 10/10 and 'genius' here)

It is my humble impression that when marketing a romance ebook, familiarity with the genre, a competitive price and thorough editing begets sales, and thus wealth. But hey, forum spamming and non-fluent English was enough to get him a plug here--maybe it will create a sale to a real reader? (Do be sure to read the excerpts on the website first...)


Stacia said...

I give him credit, though. At least he didn't create a sock puppet to give himself amazing reviews. He did it under his own name, so we would all be able to see easily that he thinks he's a genius.

kirsten saell said...

My eyes were crossing by the third sentence on the Love Begets Wealth site. Can't even imagine in my aching brain what a whole book like that would be like to read.

Think I'll pass on the excerpt.

Unknown said...

"He possesses vast experience in innumerable and diversified faculties of life.

Running an ultramodern edible oil refinery, or wholesale distribution of textile goods, investment in stocks or distribution of electronic goods, are the different type of portfolios he has managed."

WTF is an edible oil refinery?

Stacia said...

I like the character who considers himself like "Michael Jackson incarnate."

Um, isn't Michael Jackson Michael Jackson incarnate?