Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Paper Bag Press--veinglory

Website here.

Seeking: erotic short stories.

Disdainful of their taboos, check: "Toilet issues — must we go there? The answer is no."

'About Us' page not exactly thorough, check--quoted in full: "Paper Bag Press is a new online publisher of erotica. We work and publish electronically so you can receive your purchases immediately, and to help protect the environment. We can publish as many stories as possible, and not waste one shred of paper. Please let your personal friends know about us, if you think they would enjoy a visit."

Edited to Add: no it seems I was wrong, they will publish short stories ebooks, not work via subscription. Royalties of 30% of list.

[Found via Gillhoughly at Absolute Write.]

See also from Craiglist: "As in the times of Anais Nin, the economy is such that your pocketbook may be suffering. Perhaps writing some erotic short stories would be a good way to make some money, pay some bills, and make your life a bit easier. Paper Bag Press is a new, online shop for the highest-quality erotic short stories on the planet. We are seeking all sorts of authors for exclusive publication. Yes, we want to pay you! Generous royalties off the list price will be paid. We are in this to make money, and we feel you should be, as well."

Further comment at SBTB.


Anonymous said...

Taken from their website's story submission form, bottom of page:

"I also understand that I, the author, retain all copyrights on my work, until such rights are given up by me, in writing, via contract."

So I'm thinking this 'contract' of theirs includes an "all rights" grab.

veinglory said...

I suspect that is meant to reassure that no rights are lost upon submission, although I am not sure why that would need saying and is does confuse the issue of publishing rights versus copyright.