Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Real Romance--veinglory

One thing I know I would like to see is more romance books about a couple being together and staying together, not just 'getting' together. Whenever I read real romance stories I am reminded that falling in love is not all that difficult, making a commitment is exciting but in the book of love it is only the cover. Here are some real romances in the media lately about couples who overcome wars, the law and just the human capacity toe mess things up and stayed together long term.

"I got him a pearl tie tack that was in a little velvet box," she says. "It looked like a ring box, so I made the flip comment that it was an engagement ring. He put his hand in his pocket, his hand was shaking, and he gave me a ring." True Romance: Air Force captain became the wind beneath wife's wings

"They met in 1945 when Den was posted to Berlin with the British Army. They spent two weeks together before Den was moved to Jamaica, and they kept in touch by letter for two years. When Inge, now aged 81, left Berlin for England, she had to say goodbye to her mother, who was coping with the disappearance of her father – it was believed he had been taken prisoner by the Russians, and was never seen again." 60th wedding anniversary of romance born in wake of war

"What she didn't know was that there, a 17-year-old stable boy, who everybody called "Bugs," would be all too willing to help. "I held on to him for dear life," Teenie recalled. "I was frightened." Apparently, she never let go." A Stable Romance

"I loved everything about her," Tommy says. "She's smart and kind and fun to be with. I never tired of being with her. We just enjoyed so much being together, and we still do." True Romance: Golf helped tee up couple's relationship

""I was fighting back the tears," said Nichols, who played Uhura on the Star Trek series. "But they came oozing out anyway. I'm so happy that they're both able to legally proclaim their commitment to one another after spending the past 21 years together." In May, Takei announced his plans to wed after California's Supreme Court allowed gay marriage under the state's constitution." Star Trek's George Takei Gets Married

p.s. to avoid becoming boring I am reaffirming my DNB (do not blog) list and adding to it. DNB: 1)RWA, 2)RR.


Erastes said...

I agree - I get very fed up with the whole "will they, won't they thing" when I've read it for the billionth time, because I know they are going to.

With gay historicals, sometimes it's easier to have them start OUT in a relationship, or you spend 80,000 getting them to the hand holding stage!!


Anne D said...

You and me both, hence my pitching a trio of books to LI called Husbands and Wives.

Unfortunately it seems there aren't as many readers keen to read about the love AFTER the original happy ending as what I'd thought. Quite a few, bit not as many as I'd hoped.

Maybe it's because readers are looking for what they didn't get in the process of falling in love themselves?

Unknown said...

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