Saturday, September 20, 2008


Anne Douglas is working on a new look for the blog. This is an early draft just to show the direction we were thinking of taking it:

p.s. does anyone know how to upload a banner using blogger (template) and not have the html code show as the blog's title?


Fae said...

You're linking to the image from Photobucket it looks like, right? Have you tried uploading it to Blogger directly from your computer? On our blogger blog, under the 'add and arrange page elements' section, I uploaded our header image directly from my computer.

I don't know much about Blogger though, does the template you're using offer the option to not use html but just upload directly?

Anonymous said...

Use CSS to insert the banner as a background image... Then you're putting straight text into the title and just replacing it with the image. That'll keep your title from looking like a pile of odd code.