Monday, September 15, 2008

Simplistic but valid answers to rhetorical questions--veinglory

Questions taken from the titles of news articles and blogs in the last month:

Q: Do Ebooks, Legal or Not, Make You Buy Real Books?
A: Ebooks are real books.

Q: Books vs. eBooks: Which Are Greener?
A: The green-ness of print books is basically fixed. Ebooks can be far greener or far less green depending on what the user does.

Q: AudioBooks vs. eBooks: What's Your Druthers?
A: These are not substitutable goods, thus you may as well ask for a preference between Coca Cola and Tuesday.

Q: Did you miss me?
A: No.

Q: So you want to write a bestseller?
Q: So you think I believe you have any helpful advice about how to do it?

Q: What’s the story with ... Mills & Boon?
A: Romance.
Q: Just for once how about leaving out the adjective 'trashy'?

[bin from Western Wastepaper Baskets]


Meg said...

hehe! Good ones.

mobi ritz said...

Its good that you collected all the essential questions and answers here in one place.