Saturday, September 13, 2008


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Liquid Silver Books submission guidelines have been revised.

Random House has an interesting new clause in contracts for childrens books, I wonder what they think it would cover?: "If you act or behave in a way which damages your reputation as a person suitable to work with or be associated with children, and consequently the market for or value of the work is seriously diminished, and we may (at our option) take any of the following actions: Delay publication / Renegotiate advance / Terminate the agreement."

Bravehost has undeleted Mrs Giggles blog and it has returned.

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Dakota Flint said...

Is it just me or...

The LSB sub guidelines list three heat levels. Why would GLBT only be accepted under the "Molten" category? I have to admit I'm puzzled.

veinglory said...

It is a pretty general problem in erotic romance that homosexuality is seen only as a kink, not a romantic orientation ranging from sweet upwards. That is why writers of sweet MM, MMF etc have a difficult time of it sometimes.

Dakota Flint said...

Ah. I have to admit, that's not very heartening, as I write m/m and tend toward the "sweet" end of the spectrum more than anything. I haven't had a problem yet, but then I'm still relatively new and only have contracts for stories short to novella length.

veinglory said...

There are still alot of option. This blog does focus on the erotic side of things. But Torquere and Samhain take sweeter MM, amongst others--and gay small presses and imprints can be a better bet as they serve the oreintation audience more than the erotic audeince (which overlap but not completely).

Meg said...

I too, write sweet f/f and not so sweet, but also not heavily erotic m/m and find it disappointing that so many publishers (Torquere and Samhain excepted) will publish the sweeter end of the spectrum. Makes it hard if you're wanting to break into print, but I am starting to think I will look to the smaller gay presses.

Meg said...

Doh that should have been so few publishers will publish the sweeter end of the spectrum. Time for more coffee!

Mary Caelsto said...

I admit, I am very tempted to write a sweet menage to try and coutteract the whole "GLBT must be erotic" thing. If I can say, Pink Petal Books does accept GLBT works, and we do accept all heat levels. I know we're one of the newer guys, but I sure hope you decide to check us out!

ObsidianBlade31 said...

Actually, we do take the sweeter GLBT stories, but we still categorize them as Molten. We found keeping the GLBT stories of any heat level under Molten, really helps those readers that DON'T want to read those stories.

From the Molten list:

GLBT - Any heat level.

Please feel free to email me directly if you have any more questions!

Emily, thanks for posting this and I'm glad I stopped by to clarify.