Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What ever happened to the Seiko Paper Watch?--veinglory

Do any of you remember the much touted e-ink/Seiko watch that was meant to be released some time in January, 2006. I had forgotten all about it until the whole Esquire cover waste-of-tech came out.

I remember thinking that an e-ink watch was something I would buy. Epaper does everything a watch needs to do and the thinness of the paper would allow for ultra nifty design. The e-paper could be carefully protected for designer models, or used to make a more disposable uber-Swatch sort of design. I love bracelet watches and eink/bracelet design would be so sleek.

Not to mention the possibilities of having hackable epaper wrapped around your wrist. The idea that something not much bigger than a hospital ID bracelet could stream live text didn't seem all that impossible back in 2005--if not for 2005 then certainly within a few short years....

But this thought felt a little like deja vu--like I had thought it several times before. Instead of actually releasing a working watch it seems we are teased with prototype after prototype, symptomatic of the fact that epaper companies are better at looking cutting edge than they are at bringing a product to market that actually does what they claim it will do rather than something trivial and pointless.





But lo and behold, an production-ready e-ink watch is finally out. And what does it look like?


Well, it looks like a rather thick and clunky watch. but you can change the display from black on white to white on black. It is 13mm thick and doesn't have anywhere near as many features as a normal digital watch.



Teddy Pig said...

They already could do that with a normal LCD crystal. So eInk is a wash if this shows what it is capable of when applied to typical LCD appliances.

Seeley deBorn said...

13 mm?? I've never seen a watch so thick.

2006 and 2007 models are nifty, but the last one...

Who keeps doing this?? The wacko consipracy theorist in me is sure that someone is out to kill this technology.