Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adsense for ER E-Publishers--veinglory

There was mention on DearAuthor of Noble House using AdSense, which they certainly are. (A little heavy on the initial capitals, perhaps?).

"Hot Erotic Romance Ebooks
From Today's Most Talented Authors
Download Yours Today"

I would note, however, that they are not the only one. The following is for Ellora's Cave. They are a little less specific about the ebook angle (but then they do offer trade paperbacks) and a little more specific about sub genres.

"Erotic Romance Novels
Fulfill your hottest fantasies
All genres - chick lit to vampires"

And another from our friends at Loose Id. I am not sure about that tag line for cold selling, but what would I know?

"The Hottest Romance
Put a leash on boredom Buy erotic
romance e-books from Loose Id!"

I hadn't noticed the Ellora's Cave or Loose Id ads until recently. I wonder if they idea came from the Noble Romances ads which certainly have been ubiquitous, but probably not cost effective?

I am also am not sure that the wording of these ads, essentially tag lines for e-publishers, are terribly snappy. But I guess they do the most important thing in marketing--that is they say what products is for sale. I guess the AdSense format doesn't give much room to manoeuvre?

If you add the three texts together, and retain any word that appears in at least two out of three, you get the very pithy and to the point message:

"Your hot erotic romance ebooks"

And I think the point of general audience advertising is that we do need more people to be aware of erotic romance ebooks. We want more people who are even able to speak of "their" erotic romance ebooks--rather than having all 60 erotic romance epublishers continue to pit fight for the same small pool of existing readers.

Noble Romance is taking something of a financial gamble, but good on them. Ellora's Cave and Loose Id have shown a willingness to reach out to a wider readership in the past (such as advertising in gay and women's magazines). It is something of a shot in the dark (I imagine) but this kind of strategy is needed to grow the erotic romance ebooks readership as a whole, which will benefit all of us.

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I've also seen AdSense ads for Samhain's MyBookStoreAndMore.