Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adsense/New market?--veinglory

I have noticed a few more adsense spots from Siren (Erotic Romance from SIREN/Buy Best Selling Erotic Romance/Indulge Yourself, Feel the Heat) and Ravenous (FREE Erotic Short Story/Hot romance, award-winning writers/Win an iTouch at Ravenous Romance!) and even what I assume to be very small presses like Club Lighthouse ("Lifeguard" a new e book/download an exciting, sexy, erotic/sensitive love story).

And speaking of Club Lighthouse, in what seems to be something of a trend they are hosting books from another publisher, named as Erotic Excursions (their homepage here). The seem like an interesting epublisher, but more on the erotica side than erotic romance, so probably won't list them. However I would consider a separate list for erotica epublishers if their is interest--including collection of sales figure data. Let me know if you think this would be useful. I would note that Erotic Excursions are, in turn, looking to e-tail for other presses. Hmmm.

Not to mention Wicked Castle (Romance E-Books/See why our romance ebooks/have dazzled since 1998). I would note that sporadic reports of low or missed payment continue for this publisher, which is listed as 'not recommended' at ERECsite (under the general company name of ABCD webmasters, also known as Bethany's Group). However I could use some direct confirmation.

p.s. I am not entirely sure I understand what 'Siren Bookstrand' is. Could someone explain? I guess that as Siren is a publisher and Bookstrand is an e-tailer, this is just a publisher-specific storefront such as fictionwise and others also provide? (e.g. the EPIC fictionwise store)


Seeley deBorn said...

My preference would be to see epub numbers for romance, not just erotic romance, rather than leaning the other way. I think there are some authors who don't send numbers because they feel their work isn't spicy enough to be included in your stats, even though they are with publishers you currently track.

Rita Sawyer said...

Siren is the spicy side, while Bookstrand publishes the mainstream romances. The ebookstore site does come up Bookstrand and ebook from many other pubs are available as well.