Monday, October 13, 2008

Crystal Dreams Publishing [print focused]

I notice that Crystal Dream's has an open anthology call with a deadline of December 2008,offering $25 per short story.

I would note that the first in this planned series 'In Your Face Erotica' was due out in July 2008, but now lists a publication date of March 2009.

I have largely ignored this publisher because of this train wreck thread at Absolute Write. Also Crystal Dreams does not present itself as an e-publisher--but I am not sure exactly how this will play out over time. They seem to be drifting e-wards after being acquired by Multi-Media Publications.

Anyway, as nothing new seems to be happening I thought it worth mentioning that Crystal Dreams is, um, probably not worth mentioning. If something is happening and I missed it, please drop me a line.

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